Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Witness Said Man Shot, Killed By Rittenhouse Proposed No Danger To Anyone

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Witness Said Man Shot, Killed By Rittenhouse Proposed No Danger To Anyone

CHICAGO (CBS) — Key testimony Friday from a man who was armed alongside Kyle Rittenhouse, the night Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two. On the stand, that witness said one of the men shot was belligerent, but not a threat.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

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On Friday, for the first time, the jury heard from family and loved ones of the two people who were shot and killed by Rittenhouse – while he was in Kenosha to protect businesses from damage and looting. The owner of that business says he never asked for help.

Jason Lackowski was armed in Kenosha during a night of unrest in August 2020. He was there to protect business from being damaged. Just like Rittenhouse — they met for the first time that night.

“He introduced himself, his name, and said he was an EMT,” said Lackowshi.

Lackowski also came across Joseph Rosenbuam — who was released from a hospital earlier that day. Rosenbuam was bipolar and taking medication according to his fiancé.

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Lackowski Described him as one of the most aggressive people in the crowd—at one point asking to be shot.

“He had asked very bluntly to shoot him,” said Lackowski, “He did what I call false stepping which is making a step to entice somebody to do something.”

Despite Rosenbaum’s actions, Lackowski said he didn’t propose a threat or danger to him or anyone else, but Rittenhouse’s attorneys argue the teen did feel threatened later that night by Rosenbuam and shot him in self-defense. Rosenbaum unsuccessfully lunged for his gun.

The night of the shootings Rittenhouse and a team of self-appointed peacekeepers guarded a used car lot, but the owner of the car business testified that he never invited or asked Rittenhouse or anyone for help.

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Several officers who were working that night in Kenosha also testified Friday. Early next week—possibly as early as Monday– Gaige Grosskreutz—the only survivor of the shootings is expected to testify.

Source: CBS Chicago


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