The conflict in Ukraine impacts fishermen and agriculture

Everyone wonders about the economic impact of this war. One question is already under tension, that of rising energy prices.

The conflict in Ukraine impacts fishermen and agriculture

In the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais), a fisherman has his eyes permanently riveted on fuel prices which continue to climb.  " With the conflict in Ukraine , inevitably it took on a dimension that we did not expect at all.  We will ask ourselves the question is it worth going to sea or not? " ,  wonders- he.  Anthony Tetu , a salaried fisherman, admits that if things continue like this, the profession has no future.     

In the DrĂ´me, public buildings have been adorned with blue and yellow for a few days.  Ukrainian flags are made in a local company.  For the employees, it is a form of support.  " We see that on the news every night, flags everywhere, it's also a bit of pride to be part of this tribute ," says an employee .   The conflict in Ukraine has also been invited to the Salon de l'Agriculture with breeders confronted with soaring energy prices.  Rising feed prices are also a problem, especially for the poultry and pig sectors. 


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