The role of influencers

Influencers are increasingly interested in gastronomy. But what is the real impact of their sites and accounts on social networks?

The role of influencers

More and more influencers are interested in cooking and gastronomy. Websites, Twitter or Instagram accounts, Facebook pages. Everyone goes there from meeting cooks, discovering products, visiting markets or restaurants.

And the chefs do not disdain them, because they reach an audience that brands or reputable addresses seek to target. The impact of their posts gives a real resonance to products or dishes.

Food lovers

More often than not, they are lovers of good food. They are knowledgeable and know how to find the best tables to communicate on. It is perhaps, for the most enthusiastic among them, the modern reviews which supplement those of the written press, even of the gastronomic guides.

"Today's chefs are more and more likely to want influencers in order to benefit from a different perspective and, perhaps above all, to reach a new audience."

Alexis ThiƩbaut, from Le Paris d'Alexis website

Alexis ThiĆ©baut constantly searches for novelties across the capital on his  Le Paris d'Alexis website . For Thierry Marx, a complementarity must be established between the classic critics of the written press, who often have a very good pen, and these young influencers. He offers you, to illustrate this sequence, a recipe for apple candies.

Apple candy recipe

Ingredients :

250 g apple juice, 25 g tapioca, 1 teaspoon of Izarra, 200 g carob gum.

Preparation :

In a saucepan, cook the apple juice and tapioca to obtain a fairly thick, viscous mixture. Add the Izarra. Mix well. Let cool.

Place the mixture in the freezer. Leave to cool. Cut out small candies and roll them in carob gum.


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