China could play an important diplomatic role because of its partnership with Moscow. For the time being, the country has refrained from condemning the Russian intervention in Ukraine, but now says it is ready to participate “if necessary” in international mediation to end the war.

War in Ukraine: China offers 'mediation' over Ukraine
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, February 4, 2022 in Beijing.  (ALEXEI DRUZHININ/AP/SIPA)

The friendship between Beijing and Moscow is "solid as a rock" assured the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, this Monday March 7 as a wave of international sanctions intensifies against Russia after its invasion of the Ukraine .

Attached to its partnership with Moscow, China refrained from condemning the Russian intervention in Ukraine, even refusing to speak of an “invasion” .

“The friendship between the two peoples is solid as a rock and the prospects for future cooperation are immense ,” Wang Yi told reporters during his annual press conference on the sidelines of the parliamentary session.

Dispatch of humanitarian aid

The minister was questioned about China's position after the wave of international sanctions targeting Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

“China and Russia, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, are […] each other's most important strategic partners ,” added Wang Yi, saying that Beijing and Moscow “ contribute” to peace and stability in the world.

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