War in Ukraine: Poland, gateway to NATO weapons

Twenty Western countries are organizing for the delivery of weapons on Ukrainian soil from Poland. 18 jumbo jets arrive daily at one of the area's airstrips. A team from France Télévisons tried to find out more.

War in Ukraine: Poland, gateway to NATO weapons

It's an airlift, up to 18 jumbo jets a day.  Onboard, tons of weapons and military assistance.  It is through this base located in Poland that the deliveries promised to the Ukrainian army pass.  Rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, assault rifles, and food rations.  Operations are carried out 24 hours a day with the utmost discretion.

Trucks heading for the Ukrainian border

" It's not possible to film or talk to us here," replied a soldier facing journalists.  It is therefore impossible to determine what is in the containers transported by six French army trucks.  The goods are then loaded into more neutral trucks and taken to the road in convoys of around twenty vehicles towards the Ukrainian border.  The inhabitants are intrigued by these movements which take place throughout the day.


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