This list of countries includes the countries of the European Union, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Monaco, South Korea, the United States, Switzerland and Japan, among others.

War in Ukraine: Russia draws up a list of "hostile" countries

Moscow on the economic front. The Kremlin established, Monday, March 7, a list of countries "hostile" to Russia, to which Russian individuals and companies will be able to repay their debts in rubles, a currency which has lost 45% since January. This list of countries includes European Union countries, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Monaco, South Korea, United States, Switzerland and Japan. 

This text was prepared after a presidential decree on Friday, which established in vague terms a "provisional procedure" for the repayment of debts "to certain foreign creditors" . A debtor can now ask a Russian bank to set up a special ruble account in the name of the foreign creditor and send him a payment in ruble equivalent, at the Central Bank's exchange rate of the day. This new temporary procedure applies to payments above 10 million rubles per month (67,227 euros) in foreign currency equivalent.

This initiative by Moscow is one of the first Russian responses to the unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia by many Western countries . These measures have caused a historic depreciation of the ruble. They are accompanied by the freezing of part of the funds of the authorities abroad, preventing the Central Bank from supporting the Russian currency.

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