Ukrainian soldier couple get married at Kiev checkpoint

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko shared a video of the wedding of two Ukrainian soldiers at a checkpoint near the capital, on the defense line.

Ukrainian soldier couple get married at Kiev checkpoint

The mayor of Kiev shared the video of the wedding of Lesya and Valeri, two Ukrainian soldiers from one of the Kiev defense battalions who decided to marry on Sunday after 22 years together. As moving as it is, this video is to be put in a particular context: that of a war of communication between Kiev and Moscow, while Russia continues to bombard the country and its citizens.

Lovers separated since the beginning of the war

The bride, Lesya Ivashchenko left her job to join the armed forces and defend her neighborhood at the start of the war with Russia, about ten days ago . The couple, who have an 18-year-old daughter, had not seen each other since the start of the conflict.

“  I am happy that we are alive and that, from today, my husband is alive, and by my side  ,” said the bride at the end of the ceremony. The mayor of Kiev, as well as his brother, the boxer Wladimir came to congratulate the newlyweds.


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