The upcoming event .. the most important specifications of the new “Apple” devices

Apple is expected to announce the latest versions of the iPhone and a different new watch at its annual conference, which is awaited by millions of fans of the American company's products on the seventh of September.

iPhone 14 will have a smaller "notch"

Bloomberg Agency revealed its expectations for the new versions of the phone and the “Apple Watch” at the event that will be broadcast live from the company’s headquarters in California under the title “Far out”, and the rest of the products are expected to be announced in October.

Famous tech expert and blogger, Mark Gorman, wrote in an article on Bloomberg about his expectations for new releases that the company will announce four new releases for the iPhone 14 that include "more significant changes" than those made to the "iPhone 13", but they "won't be amazing."

The new versions will, as usual, include two standard versions and two "Pro" versions, but there will be no "mini" version, as was the case with the "iPhone 13 mini".

The focus is expected to be on large devices, as the company plans to release a 6.1-inch iPhone Plus, a 6.7-inch iPhone Plus, and two 6.1-inch Pro and 6.7-inch Pro Max devices.

The design of the “Pro” version includes changes in the design, as the size of the so-called “notch” has been reduced, which is the top place on the screen where the camera and the face print sensor are located.

iPhone 14 will have a smaller "notch"

The notch is expected to contain cutouts for the front camera and facial sensors, and when the device is in use, it will be in the form of a long slit resembling a drug capsule.

Although the screen space will be larger as the notch gets smaller, the blogger doesn't expect the status bar at the top to change much.

The Pro models will generally look a bit larger, have smaller bezels, and have larger batteries.

There will be more camera space on the back of the Pro and Max versions for a larger 48-megapixel lens and zoom sensors.

Improvements to video recording and low-light photography are also expected, but the most important upgrades will be reserved for the "Pro" versions and that could be the highlight of the event for iPhone products.

Altogether, the blogger says that these changes "will not change the rules of the game", but will be enough to entice users of "iPhone 11" and earlier models to update their phones.

He expected the new iPhones to go on sale on September 16, about a week earlier than usual.

But phones are not what the company is only focusing on at the moment to attract customers, as it pays great attention to more advanced types of "Apple Watch" and "Earbuds."

It is expected that there will be great interest during the event in the versions of the "Apple Watch", with the launch of the first generation of the "Apple Watch Pro", which appeared in several leaks recently.

In addition to a standard version of the “Apple 8”, the company will launch the “Apple Watch Pro”, which will target walking and jogging enthusiasts in particular, and it will come with an all-new design, a titanium chassis that is more solid than the traditional one, along with new fitness tracking features.

The Pro features a longer battery life and a larger screen, so users can view more fitness and health tracking statistics at the same time. 

Given these capabilities, the price is expected to range between $900 to $1,000, which is higher than the current prices of the standard versions of the Apple Watch.

The Series 8 will come with a sensor dedicated to measuring body temperature and women's fertility.

It is expected to announce a less expensive version, the Apple Watch SE, which will be like the 2020 model, but will be equipped with an "S8" processor instead of "S5".

This faster processor will also be used in the 8 and Pro series.

The company is expected to launch more advanced iPad and Mac products in October.


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