Australia: a mysterious metal cylinder found on a beach

It would be a piece of a spatial launcher whose origin is unknown. The Australian Space Agency is continuing its research to ascertain the precise origin of this object.

Australia: a mysterious metal cylinder found on a beach
The mysterious object found on an Australian beach - Australian Space Agency / Twitter

A mysterious object and numerous suppositions. The Australian Space Agency announced on Twitter on Sunday that it was investigating the origin of a metal cylinder that had been found on a beach in Green Head, a small town 250 kilometers north of Perth on Australia's east coast. The cylinder measured about 2.5 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters in height.

Since then, several theories have emerged on social media. Some have said that the object has an extraterrestrial origin, while others have suggested that it could be debris from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which vanished in March 2014.

In a Wednesday update, the Australian Space Agency put an end to the mystery and stated that the object was likely a piece of a "lanceur spatial" that had broken free from a fuse.

We continue the identification of the type of fuse and its origin by ongoing communication with our global counterparts, we learn further.

One of the paths being followed by the Australian authorities leads to India, a country currently engaged in a full space exploration campaign, which is about to launch a fusée toward the uninhabited Lune.

Without a more thorough examination of the object, the Indian Space Agency warned the BBC that even if the object came straight out of a fuse, it would be hard to determine whether it originated in India or not.

When questioned by CNN, Alice Gorman, an astronomy archaeologist at the University of Flinders in Adélade, said that the object may actually be the product of a much earlier launch.

"It may have been in the ocean for five to ten years before a recent high seas storm pushed it toward the river," she speculates.

The Indian track still has the upper hand here because, in its words, the cylinder "is identical in dimension and material" to that which New Delhi has been using since 2010. He claims that the lanceur's color and shape indicate that it has not "reached the extra-atmospheric space."

The object was removed and stored by the local police in the absence of further responses after they had previously warned the populace not to approach the lancer.

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