Australia: Two women fined for taking selfies with dingoes

The ministry of Environment and science of Queensland in Australia indicated this Friday that the two women had taken an "extremely dangerous decision" by taking selfies with dingoes, the wild dogs present on the island-continent.

Australia: Two women fined for taking selfies with dingoes
A woman who took a selfie with several dingos in Australia had to pay a $2300 fine, according to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Posts on social networks that are expensive. A 29-year-old woman and another 25-year-old woman have been sentenced to pay a fine of $ 2,300 after posting images and videos on social networks with dingoes, said this Friday in a statement the ministry of environment and science of the province of Queensland in Australia.

"The two women took the extremely dangerous decision to interact with wongaris (name given to dingoes, wild dogs of K'gari, formerly Fraser Island, editor's note) and that's why they were fined," commented Mike Devery, head of the ministry.

On social networks, young women published videos where the dingoes were more or less aggressive. "This is not a playful behavior. Wongaris are wild animals and should be treated as such, and the woman is lucky that the situation has not worsened," added Mike Devery.

The Australian authorities also recalled that the K'gari dingoes lived mainly in the Australian bush in a wild way, and that interactions with humans could lead to their domestication.

"An interaction can be the beginning of the habituation of the wongari, because they lose their natural distrust of people. Residents and visitors to the island cannot treat the wongaris as cute, hungry or playful animals, because the wongaris will start approaching people for food, which can put the wongaris and people at risk," explained Linda Behrendorff, a local forest ranger.

Moreover, a dingo had to be captured and euthanized for attacking a 23-year-old woman at the beginning of the week, the ministry said this Friday in another statement. The wild animal was also at the origin of the hospitalization of a six-year-old girl. According to the first analyzes of the specialists, the dingo had been fed by humans and had become accustomed to their presence.

"The animal had lost its natural distrust of people. Entering campsites or loitering around people is not normal goofy behavior," the ministry added.

That is why the tourist island of K'gari has set up a device called "Be Goofy-safe!"to raise awareness of the risks of the animal. For example, it is advisable to walk with a stick, to protect children, not to run or even not to approach them.

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