Ottawa Family Fun: Top Destinations & Activities for Kids to Enjoy

Welcome to the heart of Canada, where family adventures unfold amidst the charm of Ottawa. In this guide, we'll unveil the city's top destinations and activities tailored for families with kids. From captivating museums to outdoor wonders, Ottawa is a treasure trove of memorable experiences for children of all ages.

Ottawa Family Fun: Top Destinations & Activities for Kids to Enjoy
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Ottawa's Enchanting Museums: Where Learning Meets Playtime

  • The Canadian Museum of Nature:

Begin your journey with the wonders of the natural world at the Canadian Museum of Nature. From towering dinosaurs to interactive exhibits, kids are in for an educational adventure that feels like play.

  • The Canadian Children's Museum:

Immerse your little ones in a world of imagination at the Canadian Children's Museum. Hands-on exhibits, cultural exploration, and creative spaces make it a haven for curious minds.

Parks and Playgrounds: Nature's Playground in the City

  • Majestic Gatineau Park:

Just a stone's throw away, Gatineau Park offers a natural playground for families. Explore hiking trails, have a picnic by a tranquil lake, and let the kids run free in the expansive green spaces.

  • Mooney's Bay Park:

For a day of family-friendly fun, head to Mooney's Bay Park. With a sandy beach, playgrounds, and paddleboat rentals, it's the ideal spot for a sunny afternoon of laughter and play.

Family-Friendly Events: Ottawa's Year-Round Festivities

  • Winterlude Festival:

When winter blankets the city, join the Winterlude Festival for a celebration of all things snowy. From ice sculptures to outdoor skating, this event promises frosty family memories.

  • Canadian Tulip Festival:

As spring blooms, don't miss the Canadian Tulip Festival. Wander through vibrant tulip displays and partake in family-friendly activities amidst the breathtaking beauty of Commissioner's Park.

Culinary Delights: Kid-Friendly Eats Across Ottawa

  • ByWard Market:

Explore Ottawa's historic ByWard Market, where family-friendly eateries abound. From local treats to international flavors, there's something to satisfy every palate.

  • Beavertails Pastry:

Indulge in a Canadian delicacy at Beavertails Pastry. These sweet pastries, shaped like—you guessed it—beavertails, are a delicious way to cap off a day of exploration.

Rideau Canal: A Waterway Adventure for the Whole Family

  • Boat Tours and Cruises:

Embark on a leisurely boat tour along the iconic Rideau Canal. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while the kids marvel at the boat locks and lively surroundings. Some tours even offer special family packages with entertaining guides.

  • Cycling Along the Canal:

For an active family outing, rent bikes and pedal along the Rideau Canal pathways. The flat, well-maintained trails make it a perfect cycling spot for families, offering a unique perspective of Ottawa's landmarks.

Science and Technology Marvels: A Day at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

  • Hands-On Exhibits:

Fuel the young minds of your family with a visit to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. With interactive exhibits on robotics, space exploration, and more, kids can engage in hands-on learning while having a blast.

  • Crazy Kitchen Fun:

Explore the famous Crazy Kitchen exhibit, where optical illusions and gravity-defying tricks create a world of amusement. It's a surefire way to spark laughter and curiosity in kids of all ages.

Animal Encounters: Discover Ottawa's Wildlife Wonders

  • Parc Omega:

Take a short drive from Ottawa to Parc Omega, a wildlife park where the family can observe and interact with native Canadian animals. From the safety of your car, witness bison, elk, and even the occasional wolf roaming in their natural habitats.

  • Little Ray's Reptile Zoo:

For the budding zoologists in the family, Little Ray's Reptile Zoo offers an up-close encounter with fascinating reptiles and exotic creatures. Educational presentations make it an engaging and informative experience.

Festive Evening Strolls: The Magic of Parliament Hill

  • Sound and Light Show:

As the sun sets, head to Parliament Hill for the mesmerizing Sound and Light Show. Illuminating the history of Canada through captivating visuals, it's an enchanting experience for kids and adults alike.

  • Summer Concerts and Events:

During the warmer months, Parliament Hill hosts free concerts and events suitable for families. Spread out a blanket on the lawn, enjoy live music, and let the kids dance and play in a joyful atmosphere.

National Gallery of Canada: Artistic Inspiration for Young Creatives

  • Art Exploration for Kids:

Fuel the artistic flair in your little ones with a visit to the National Gallery of Canada. The gallery often hosts family-friendly art exploration programs, allowing kids to create their masterpieces inspired by the incredible works on display.

  • Scavenger Hunts and Interactive Exhibits:

Make museum visits exciting with scavenger hunts tailored for children. Many exhibits feature interactive elements, bringing art to life in a way that captivates the imagination of young minds.

Outdoor Festivities: Celebrating Canada Day with the Family

  • Canada Day Celebrations:

If your visit coincides with Canada Day, join the festivities on Parliament Hill. The day is filled with concerts, fireworks, and a jubilant atmosphere that showcases the pride and spirit of the nation—a perfect setting for a family celebration.

  • Picnics in Major's Hill Park:

For a more relaxed Canada Day experience, bring a picnic to Major's Hill Park. Enjoy the green surroundings, and let the kids engage in games while taking in the breathtaking views of the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill.

Ottawa's Hidden Gems: Quirky and Offbeat Attractions

  • Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum:

Step into a time capsule at the Diefenbunker, a Cold War-era bunker turned museum. Kids will be fascinated by the underground tunnels, secret rooms, and stories from a bygone era, making history come alive in a unique way.

  • Mosa├»Canada 150:

Explore the art of horticulture at MosaïCanada, a stunning exhibition featuring intricate plant sculptures. This biennial event showcases the beauty of nature through breathtaking floral arrangements, offering a serene escape for families.

Ottawa's Sweet Tooth: Indulging in Family-Friendly Treats

  • Beaucoup Bakery:

Satisfy sweet cravings at Beaucoup Bakery, known for its delectable pastries and treats. Let the kids pick their favorites from a tempting array of goodies, making it a delightful stop during your Ottawa adventure.

  • Sugar Shack Experience:

In the spring, experience a Canadian tradition by visiting a sugar shack. Enjoy the process of making maple syrup, indulge in maple-flavored treats, and participate in family-friendly activities that highlight the rich maple heritage.

13. Ottawa's Green Oasis: The Central Experimental Farm

  • Animal Barns and Agriculture Exhibits:

Introduce your kids to the wonders of agriculture at the Central Experimental Farm. Explore the animal barns featuring cows, horses, and more. Educational exhibits on farming practices provide insights into the journey from farm to table.

  • Dominion Arboretum:

Stroll through the Dominion Arboretum, a botanical gem within the farm. Marvel at diverse plant species, colorful blooms, and serene pathways—a perfect setting for a family nature walk or a leisurely afternoon picnic.

Rideau Hall: Exploring Canada's Official Residence

  • Grounds and Gardens:

Visit Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Governor General of Canada, and explore its picturesque grounds and gardens. Take a guided tour to discover the rich history of this iconic site, providing a blend of education and outdoor exploration.

  • Changing of the Guard Ceremony:

During the summer months, catch the Changing of the Guard ceremony on the grounds of Rideau Hall. The colorful spectacle, accompanied by music, offers a unique cultural experience for the entire family.

Ottawa River Adventures: River Cruises and Waterfront Fun

  • River Cruises with Paul's Boat Lines:

Embark on a family-friendly cruise along the Ottawa River with Paul's Boat Lines. Witness the city's landmarks from a new perspective while enjoying commentary tailored for younger audiences. Some cruises even feature pirate-themed adventures for kids.

  • Rockcliffe Boathouse:

For an active day by the water, head to the Rockcliffe Boathouse. Rent paddleboards or canoes and explore the Ottawa River together as a family. It's a refreshing way to stay active while taking in the scenic beauty.

Ottawa's Cultural Hub: Arts and Crafts at the Ottawa Art Gallery

  • Family Art Workshops:

Delve into the world of art at the Ottawa Art Gallery, which often hosts family-friendly workshops. Engage in hands-on activities, from painting to sculpture, fostering creativity in your little ones.

  • Public Art Installations:

Explore the outdoor art installations surrounding the gallery. These interactive and visually captivating pieces provide a unique backdrop for family photos while sparking conversations about the role of art in public spaces.

Outdoor Adventure at Gatineau Park: Treetop Trekking and Hiking Trails

  • Camp Fortune Aerial Parks:

For families seeking a dose of adventure, head to Camp Fortune Aerial Parks in Gatineau Park. Treetop trekking courses with ziplines, bridges, and obstacles offer an exhilarating experience for both kids and adults, surrounded by the lush greenery of the park.

  • Pink Lake Trail:

Explore the natural beauty of Gatineau Park by hiking the family-friendly Pink Lake Trail. The loop around the lake provides a picturesque setting, allowing your family to connect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors.

Bytown Museum: Navigating Ottawa's Historical Waterways

  • Interactive Exhibits:

Discover Ottawa's rich history at the Bytown Museum, located along the Rideau Canal. Engage with interactive exhibits that showcase the city's evolution, including the construction of the canal and its impact on the region.

  • Family-Friendly Tours:

Join family-friendly tours led by knowledgeable guides who bring history to life with captivating stories. The museum's location provides stunning views of the canal and Parliament Hill, adding to the overall experience.

Ottawa's Hidden Beaches: Relaxing by the Water

  • Britannia Beach:

Escape the city bustle and head to Britannia Beach on the shores of the Ottawa River. A sandy beach, picnic areas, and calm waters create an ideal setting for a family day by the water. Build sandcastles, swim, or simply unwind with a book.

  • Petrie Island:

For a unique waterfront experience, explore Petrie Island. With sandy beaches and shallow waters, it's perfect for families with younger kids. Enjoy a beach day, go for a nature walk, or try your hand at geocaching for added adventure.

Ottawa's Bicycle Paths: Family-Friendly Cycling Adventures

  • Rideau Canal Western Pathway:

Embark on a family cycling adventure along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway. The scenic route takes you past iconic landmarks, parks, and green spaces. Rent bikes suitable for all family members and enjoy a leisurely ride together.

  • Ottawa River Pathway:

Explore the Ottawa River Pathway, offering a picturesque route with stunning views of the river and the city skyline. With well-maintained paths, it's an excellent choice for a family bike ride or a leisurely stroll.


Ottawa's family-friendly offerings are as diverse as the city itself. Whether you're exploring the agricultural wonders of the Experimental Farm, cruising along the Ottawa River, or unleashing creativity at the Ottawa Art Gallery, the capital city invites families to create lasting memories in every corner. As you embark on this adventure, may the laughter of your children and the shared moments become the brushstrokes painting a canvas of joy in the heart of Ottawa.


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