Baeza: Unveiling Spain's Timeless Beauty in the Heart of Andalusia

Once is not customary, it is in Spain that we go to find one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Travel to Spain: this city is the most beautiful in the country, according to National Geographic
Baeza (Image by: Adobe Stock)

In Andalusia, in the province of Jaén, the charming town of Baeza is the talk of the town. It even stands out as being the most beautiful place in Spain to visit in December, according to National Geographic.

Baeza, the most beautiful city in Spain to see in December

National Geographic, a world-renowned travel magazine, recently named the town of Baeza as the most beautiful city on the Iberian Peninsula, reports surinenglish.

Among the many jewels of the country, the city has no difficulty distinguishing itself by its Renaissance architecture and the rich history that it has preserved throughout these centuries.

Baeza is located about fifty kilometers from Jaén, the provincial capital. It has some 16,000 inhabitants who serenely enjoy everything that the city has good.

The many monuments of Baeza have earned it to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this, since 2003. Throughout the city, there are touches of late Romanesque, Gothic, mannerist and baroque style.

No sooner do we set foot there than the narrow, cobbled streets and the myriad of historic buildings take us back in time. Its Renaissance churches are among the best preserved in Europe.

Quiet, peaceful and silent, Baeza is that kind of town surrounded by olive trees, with squares surrounded by low houses and fortified streets.

Discovering a gastronomic, poetic and architectural city

The talent and know-how of Andrés de Vandelvira, the main architect of the city, can be felt in every corner of Baeza. The straight lines, the great heights and the precision of the buildings give the city a unique style that contrasts with the more historic neighborhoods.

Baeza is not only a city that we discover in the light of its monuments, but also in the plate. Vandelvira, with the same name as that of the architect, is a restaurant run by an illustrious Michelin-starred chef: Juan Carlos García.

The city's flagship product is extra virgin olive oil, a food that can be found in most local specialties and which has even been honored in the Baeza Olive culture museum.

The Andalusian city is also imbued with lyricism. It is the meeting place of two of the greatest Spanish poets, Federico Garcia Lorca and Antonio Machado.

The classroom where the latter taught his classes at the old university of the city has been preserved as is and can currently be visited.


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