Unlock Budapest's Wonders: 4 Must-Do Experiences Through the Eyes of a Seasoned Traveler

Budapest is known as "The Pearl of the Danube" because it stretches from one side to the other of the Danube, Europe's second longest river.

Unlock Budapest's Wonders: 4 Must-Do Experiences Through the Eyes of a Seasoned Traveler
Street in Budapest (Image by: Adobe Stock)

Budapest, a lively and historic city, reveals many of its charms in the winter, when magnificent Christmas markets adorn its streets.

During this time, a variety of activities are available, four of which are particularly worthwhile for seeing the city and having a pleasant stay, according to Business Insider.

1- A guided gastronomic tour of the city

According to Megan duBois, a travel journalist who has attempted the Budapest adventure, one of the best things to do in the city is to book a guided gastronomic tour with Secret Food Tours for 86 €.

The tour lasted about 3 hours and we saw everything, from the outside of the legislature to the small shops and the statutes that govern the city, she says.

Throughout their tour, the traveler and her party stopped in four restaurants to sample five different dishes, a significant experience given the significance of food on the culture of the city.

2- A visit to the famous New York Café

Since 1894, the New York Café, located within the Anantara New York Palace Hotel, has generated a lot of discussion on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.

Megan has tried it, and it appears to keep his promises. « The incredible area is filled with ornate details, carved wood, and incredible ceiling mural paintings. "The menu includes a variety of hot coffees and chocolates," she says.

And, to round up the experience, she will partake in a hot chocolate laced with 24 carat gold.

3- An impressive Christmas market

Budapest is well-known for its several Christmas markets, and it is not always necessary to visit the largest of these markets to be satisfied.

Megan is satisfied with a little market that she finds quite pleasant: It was little, which was nice because it was my first time discovering a European Christmas market.

The dozens of etals who go from artisanal manufacturing to the tasting of regional specialties hide plenty of surprises.

4- A Parliamentary visit

Seeing the iconic Hong Kong Parliament Building is a must-do in Budapest. The traveler admits to being impressed by the outside faste, "but the interior was even more impressive."

« There were fresques, gold, and an abundance of windows. We even got to see the joys of the Hongroise monarchy's coronation," she adds.


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