Chromebook tips for beginners

Chromebook tips for beginners

Chromebooks have evolved a lot since Google launched them in 2011, and they are no longer just browser-only computers.

Chromebooks can now run both Linux and Android apps, and they come with features that fit their tasks and are more powerful than in the past.

The success of the devices also prompted many manufacturers and companies to offer their models of Chrome devices, which contributed to its increased spread and acquisition by many.

So here are some tips to help you use if this is your first time with the system:

Chrome system 

Chrome is similar to the usual operating systems, but with some differences that make it special.

The system comes with the usual desktop design that displays the background you have chosen and you can change it, of course, as you wish.

You cannot place applications or shortcuts on the Chrome desktop, as the applications appear only in the application list or in the bottom bar.

From the bottom bar, you can access app and clock alerts and control device settings similar to Android devices. 

If you want to access an application, you can press the search mark on the keyboard and search for the application or search online easily through this mark. 

The system has a file application similar to the file application in Android, through which you can view and deal with all the files stored on your device.

Unlock the device by phone 

You can log in and unlock the device through the Android phone registered to the same Google account on the device.

This means that you can unlock the computer as soon as the phone is close to the device, and you can activate this feature by going to the device settings.

Then click on the list of connected devices on the left side of the screen, and then click on Choose Android phone setup.

Then a window appears telling you which devices are connected to your Google account, choose your main phone and then continue.

And when you return to the home screen, make sure that the option to unlock next to your phone is enabled, or activate it if it is not.

Use Android apps on Chromebooks

Android applications vary greatly, and you can find any application you need through the Google Play Store.

Also, all the important applications now offer a version that works with Android, so you can rely on it completely. 

And you can install Android apps on Chromebooks via the Google Play Store and through your Google account. 


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