The most important new security features in Android 12

The most important new security features in Android 12

Android 12 improves the security experience and protects users on their phones, through several new features.

Security choices and improvements have become a priority for companies recently, as this habit began when Apple disclosed what the application was using while it was open. 

Google is trying to prove that it does not steal users' data and does not collect data from them that they do not need, through the new security features in Android 12 that we are talking about today.

Security interface in Android 12

The security interface in the new system is considered one of the most important updates to protect users, and it appeared in the second beta version of the system.

You can access the new security interface by going to the privacy settings, and then you will find the choice of the interface is in front of you. 

The security interface displays the permissions that the applications installed on your phone have, and the use of these permissions by these applications in the form of a pie chart.

This graphic shows all the permissions that have been used on your phone for the period of time that you specify.

So if an app uses access to your location, the location portion of the graph increases slightly.

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The security interface also provides you with a history of applications accessing different permissions by clicking on their section in the graph.

You can view the times your location was accessed and which app requested access to your location on the phone.

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But you need to activate a special option to be able to view the permissions of the system applications and the times you used them. 

Permissions access log shows how long the app has used the permissions, so if an app tracks your location all day it shows the entire time inside the log.

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New Quick Settings 

These settings act as a button to enable camera and microphone access, which you can press to stop this app from accessing them. 

So if you want to stop the app from accessing the camera temporarily, you need to pull down the screen from the top and access the quick settings, and then press the camera access button. 

Permissions Use Warning

Apple alerts the user to use the camera or microphone via a bright dot that appears at the top of the screen, but no logo appears inside this dot.

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Google has used emoji for the camera and microphone, as these icons appear at the top of the screen to tell you that the app is using the camera.

By clicking on this logo, you can access and control the camera's permission settings directly. 


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