Reasons to subscribe to Apple TV Plus

Reasons to subscribe to Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus was launched in 2019 to start competing with various content streaming services, and it includes a set of its own original works in addition to some other titles.

Content streaming services have become a necessity in the modern era, so every company finds its own service.

And you can subscribe to the service Apple Tv Plus free when you purchase any new device from Apple. 

And then you pay $5 a month to use their services, but is the service worth subscribing to? 

Here are some of the reasons that might push you to subscribe to Apple TV Plus

Compatibility and family subscription

Most content streaming services have a family subscription plan, where more than one person can sign up for the service together through one account.

However, the family plan is usually more expensive than the individual plans, and apple Tv Plus does not rely on this method.

Where you can take advantage of the family subscription at a price of $ 5 per month, and this means that you can share the service with 5 people until you pay one dollar per month.

You can also access the service application across all electronic platforms and Apple devices as well as gaming platforms, competing content streaming devices and smart TVs.

Apple's original work

Apple TV Plus doesn't have much in the way of business, as it comes with a library that is the least among all streaming services.

But the service is distinguished by the presence of a large collection of original works by Apple, which range from talk shows and short series. 

Apple is counting on top actors to appear in its new originals, finding work starring Tom Hanks and Jason Moma.

The service is awaiting the arrival of a powerful new batch of original works such as the movie Finch in November and the British series Ted Lasso.

Subscription price 

The service is distinguished by offering the lowest subscription price among all content streaming services, and you can also get it as part of the Apple One package, which offers a variety of Apple digital services.

There are no expectations about the price of the service in the future, as it may increase slightly and may remain the same without an increase.


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