T-Mobile confirms a breach occurred after customer data was released

Confirmed the company Mobile T-breakthrough and unauthorized access to their systems, so the days of the insert part of the customer for the sale of data after the known cyber crime forum.

The US cellular giant, which last year completed a $26 billion merger with Sprint, confirmed the intrusion had occurred. But it has not yet determined that there is any stolen customer personal data.

The company said its investigation is taking some time, and no timeline has been set.

"We are confident that the entry point used for access has been closed," she added. We continue our in-depth technical review of the situation across our systems to determine the nature of any unlawfully accessed data.

According to reports issued earlier that T-Mobile has been investigating a possible storming after a vendor claimed that he owns millions of records.

The seller said it had 100 million T-Mobile customer records, which included customer account names, phone numbers, IMEI numbers for the phones in the account, Social Security number and driver's license information — details the company often collects to verify its customers' identities.

The forum post requested 6 bitcoin, or about $275,000, for a subset of 30 million customer data.

The data was allegedly obtained from a database server operated by T-Mobile that was connected to the Internet, according to a screenshot of an SSH connection to a production server running an Oracle database.

The seller claims to have hacked T-Mobile's production, operation and development servers two weeks ago, including the Oracle database server that contained customer data.

T-Mobile confirms a hack

The seller also has a complete IMEI history database dating back to 2004. IMEI numbers and ISMI numbers can be used to uniquely identify and locate a mobile user.

Cybersecurity firm Cyble said the seller claims to have stolen multiple databases totaling about 106 gigabytes. Including T-Mobile's CRM database.

It is reported that this is the fifth time that T-Mobile has been hacked in recent years. T-Mobile said in January that it had suffered a data breach. This resulted in cybercriminals stealing about 200,000 call logs and other subscriber data.

T-Mobile had two accidents last year. It admitted a breach in its email systems. Which saw hackers gain access to some of the email accounts of T-Mobile employees and gain access to customer data. It also spoke of a breach of 1 million personal and billing information for prepaid customers months later.

T-Mobile said in 2018 that up to two million customers may have had their personal information collected.

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