TikTok announces new partnerships to simplify content creation

It announced a platform Tech Talk for new partnerships with both Vimeo and Canva to provide more ways for marketers to build a creative campaign better in each application separately.

New integrations facilitate direct communication between the TikTok Ad Manager and each platform, making it easy to create a TikTok design and upload it directly into your campaign.

The creative options also match the dimensions of the platform and creative videos, ensuring that your clips look natural and in line with the rest of the platform, and not look like ads, which is a key consideration in the platform's marketing approach.

And for Vimeo, TikTok advertisers can now create their own ads within Vimeo Create , its video creator, which offers more ways to customize and create your videos.

Vimeo Create was launched in February of last year as a way to provide simplified video creation options. It is specifically designed for small and medium businesses and those working on a tight budget.

The app provides easy-to-use processes to create more premium video content, including graphic and text overlays, transitions, royalty-free music and more.

The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use and can help you create a better looking and attractive creative design.

Vimeo Create is also integrated into the Pinterest ad creation process, providing direct upload to the Pinterest creative website via the app.

Tik Tok simplifies content creation

For Canva, the Chinese platform has worked with the visual creation platform to provide more than 50 ad templates. This helps reduce the time and cost associated with creating campaigns.

Canva's ad templates, along with the Publish End Points tool, provide ease and simplicity for content creators. This is by enabling them to post visually compelling content directly on the Chinese platform to interact with their audiences in a natural and authentic way.

People who use Canva will have no problem using the new tools. While newcomers also find the controls fairly intuitive and easy to apply in the process.

Vimeo and Canva are now official TikTok Marketing Partners. This adds to its list of utilities capable of providing platform-specific expertise and insights. Which gives you more ways to increase your creative efforts across the platform.

As TikTok continues to grow, an increasing number of marketers are also looking for ways to make the most of the platform for promotions.

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