In Canada, a convoy of several hundred trucks is currently blocking the capital, Ottawa. They demand the end of the vaccination obligation. 

Canada: demonstrators block the capital to protest against the vaccination obligation

Hundreds of heavy goods vehicles are planted in the middle of Ottawa , the Canadian capital. The truck drivers are angry and have been joined by thousands of demonstrators, also against the obligation to vaccinate to cross the American border. "I'm ready to stay a month if necessary ," says a driver. This movement, called "freedom convoy", started from the west coast and gained momentum in a few days.

"A health dictatorship", according to Canadians   

In Canada, it is impossible to leave the country without being vaccinated. Unemployment benefits have even been withdrawn from the non-vaccinated. "There is no reason that I should also lose my freedom" , disputes a demonstrator. Some of them have gone so far as to invade national monuments and brandish swastikas. The Prime Minister does not hide his anger. "We will not give in to those who engage in vandalism ," he said. 

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