Car insurance: 3 tips that can reduce the bill

Assuring his vehicle is becoming increasingly expensive. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that might help you save money on your insurance premiums.

Car insurance: 3 tips that can reduce the bill

437 € sans taxes: this is the average budget allotted by an automobilist each year to insure his car. Since several years, the price has been steadily increasing. According to data from France Assureurs, the average cotisation hors taxes in 2012 was 418 €. So, even if one's purchasing power is limited, how can one save money on this particular expenditure? Here are three tips to help you get there.

Tip 1: change insurance company

The cost of car insurance has been steadily rising for the past ten years. And the year 2022 is no exception: contract prices have risen by an average of 2% this year. Why is this the case? Automobiles that are becoming more expensive, complicated equipment that must be repaired, more medical costs, and an increase in the number of accidents. As a result, automobilists are finding themselves with a higher-than-expected premium for car insurance. However, there is a simple way to reduce the bill: playing the competition.

Being loyal to one's insurer isn't the best way to get a good deal on vehicle insurance, according to the consumer group UFC-Que Choisir. The best deals, on the other hand, are usually reserved for new customers. Making a regular tour of assurances to compare one's existing policy to that of competitors is therefore a very good idea. It's even easier: you can use an online comparison tool. Clients saved an average of 340 € with MeilleureAssurance, and the guarantees were equal.

Tip 2: choose the right car

The price of auto insurance is influenced by the same characteristics of each car. It is therefore preferable to investigate them before embarking on the purchase of a new car. The first factor to consider is the car's horsepower. According to statistics, the higher she is, the greater the risk of an accident, and hence the higher the insurance premium. In addition, due to the costs associated with the car's repair in the event of an accident, a newly equipped car will be more expensive to insure.

Finally, certain models are in high demand and are therefore more expensive to insure. The Toyota Prius, the DS 7 Crossback, and the Renault M├ęgane RS were the three most popular cars in 2021. To keep the cost of one of these vehicles down, it's best to equip it with an anti-theft system and notify his or her insurance company. Similarly, parking in a closed garage on a regular basis may qualify you for a rate reduction.

Tip 3: reduce the risk of accidents

It is possible to significantly reduce the risk of a serious collision by strictly following the road code and limiting one's speed. Because it is these mishaps, as well as those who are somewhat responsible, that are the source of the disease. And it may be very expensive: for a standard car insurance premium of 600 €, a driver with a maximum malus of 3,5 will pay at least 2 100 €. Similarly, a good driver who earns the best bonus, which is 0.50, will only pay 300 € per year.

The bonus-malus mechanism is as follows: each responsible accident multiplies the coefficient by 1.25 (accident responsible) or 1.125 (accident not responsible) (accident partiellement responsable). Without a responsible accident, it will take 13 years to get the maximum bonus of 0.50. If you have a little accrochage on your own, it could be worth it to not report it to your insurance company and pay the costs yourself so you don't have to pay for your mistake.


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