The assurance attestation is a must-have item that should always be in your possession. But what should you do if you've misplaced it?

The attestation of insurance, like the driver's license and the green card, should always be with you when you go to the skies. In fact, the green card, as it is often known, serves to demonstrate that your vehicle is properly insured, and you must always be able to provide it to law enforcement officials in the event of a stop. 

If you are unable to do so, be aware that you may be subject to a 135 € fine, even if your vehicle is in good condition and is properly insured. To that end, it's best to keep your certificate with you at all times. But what should you do if you lose it? What are the steps that need to be taken? There's no need to be concerned; we've told you everything.

Have you misplaced your insurance certificate?

It happens from time to time that we lose our most critical documents when they are stolen by thieves, especially if we leave them in our cars. Whatever the case may be, you must act quickly to avoid a slew of problems. 

First and foremost, you must report to the commissariat as soon as possible to report the loss or theft, and maybe file a complaint in the second case. The law enforcement officers will then provide you with a declaration receipt, allowing you to continue to circulate without an official green card.

It's also a good idea to call your insurance company ahead of time. This latter is then obligated to provide you with a duplicate within a five-day period. In addition, if you haven't received anything, you can send him a reminder by certified mail. If you haven't received any new information, you may also contact the mediator.

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